Episode #9 Revolution Tech N9ne

I’m going to be the first to say maybe this was a mistake. But when it’s two in the morning, and you just finished a four-hour drive, everything seems like a good idea.

So please, curl up with, I don’t know, a cat or dog or something, and Episode #9: Revolution Tech N9ne. Reptile owners: don’t curl up with your snake or lizard. You’re weird.

I should probably let you know that I’m reading the Oregon Daily Emerald this morning, during the witching hour. Lots of witching going on. Which witch is the witcher, though? Beats me.

The first time I typed that, it said “Beat me,” which you’re welcome to do if you’re dissatisfied with this episode. But only this one. If you hate the others, tough luck. Beat up your computer.

Episode #9: Revolution Tech N9ne

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