Episode 65: Master Splinter

HeadlineI’m experiencing a lot of guilt about how long I sat on this episode. I may or may not have mentioned, but I moved a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t yet set up internet service. The building I moved into provides a free–but very slow–connection, and it can’t handle uploading a 45-megabyte file.

Still, this week’s episode is a great one. I’m happy to have Campy Draper (producer of the Spicy News and recent progenitor of Tweets of Lore) and Mandy Alietta (also of the Spicy News and general awesomeness) on the show this week.

And, if you haven’t made your plan for this Thursday yet, write in the second ever Live Taping of Jon Reads the Paper into your calendar! It’s gonna be quite rad.

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