Episode 64: The Axes of Evil

jrtp 64 catI have no real excuse for putting this episode out so late other than I just moved and don’t have an internet connection at home and that’s more of a reason than an excuse.

Right now I’m in a crepe place and I came here thinking it would be more of a cafe but it seems like more of a sit down and have dinner or have dessert when you’re the kinda person who treats dessert as its own separate outing like you ate at home but you went out for dessert kind of place. And on top of that, there’s only one outlet in here and it’s right next to the one other person in here so I’m just right over her shoulder frantically ticking and ticking and ticking away at this keyboard I bet it’s really cheesing her off.

Very happy to have Alex Falcone on the show, who was nice enough to let me use his equipment. Kind of made me feel like I was on his show, Read it and Weep. (What a seamless plug!) Joining as well is Barbara Holm, who writes on Falcone’s Late Night Action and is a delightful person to boot!

And remember: the second live taping of Jon Reads the Paper goes down Thursday, February 7 at the Tonic Lounge! Be at there!

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