Episode 39: Father-Son Space Movies

I really feel like we broke through this week. It’s been 37 episodes since I last tried to mine the Old Grey Horsefucker for humor laffs. That episode came off fine, if a bit uneasy and dry. Now I know that the problem was me all along, because this week Whitney Streed and I did it! We read the New York Times and at least made one another giggle consistently.┬áSo I guess I’m saying I hope you’re into consistent giggling, because it’s going to be a bit part of the next sixty minutes of your life.

And I mentioned it at the end of the show, but next Friday, June 8th, is Helium’s Portland’s Funniest Person Contest. It’s a contest, which means it’s super-relevant and important. Come on out; my round is at 7:30. Mention my name when you call for tickets and get two for ten bucks. Or e-mail me an e-mail to try and get on the comp list!


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